Beat Games

Beat Games

Beat Games is the Prague-based development studio behind the award-winning VR game Beat Saber. The studio was co-founded in 2018 by Ján Ilavský, Vladimír Hrinčár and Jaroslav Beck. Beat Games was acquired by Meta’s Oculus Studios in November 2019, and continues to operate independently from their brand new offices in Prague.
Beat Saber is VR’s most popular rhythm game and has sold over 4 million copies and over 40 million songs from paid DLC. The game originally launched in May 2018 on the Oculus Store and Steam, followed by PlayStation VR later that year.
Beat Saber gained popularity thanks to its unique intersection of music and gaming, fun gameplay, beautiful design, strong selection of hit artists and songs, and an engaged community of players and streamers. Beat Saber has won multiple awards at well-known gaming and tech shows, including The Game Awards, D.I.C.E. Awards, SXSW, and more. Beat Saber continues to receive positive sentiment among press, being one of the most prominent and critically acclaimed games in the industry.

    Beat Saber

    Step into your favorite music in Beat Saber, the VR rhythm game. Use your sabers to slash the beats while you lose yourself in captivating environments that light up and pulse to the energy of your gameplay. Compete with yourself for a high score or with friends in multiplayer mode. Either way, the unique selection of high-energy music and challenging levels will keep you on your toes.


    • Feel the Rhythm: Immerse yourself in the smoothest combination of music beats and visual effects in Beat Saber’s truly unique gameplay.
    • Handcrafted Levels & Music: Unlike other rhythm games with generated content, music and levels in Beat Saber are drawn precisely by hand to enhance the music experience.
    • Compete in Multiplayer: Challenge your friends or random opponents around the world.
    • Challenging Campaign: Get better every day while completing objectives and challenges in the Campaign.
    • Rise Up the Global Leaderboards: Compete against other Beat Saberists around the world in various difficulties.
    • Easy to Learn, Fun to Master: Everyone can understand the basic game mechanics. It's easy for anyone to pick up and play.
    • Great Exercise: Exercise while dancing and slashing the beats, Beat Saber gets you moving.

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