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Bohemia Simulations

Who We Are
Founded in 2001, Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim) is a global software company at the forefront of simulation and training solutions for defence and civilian organisations. BISim uses the latest game-based technology and a 300+, in-house engineering team to develop high-fidelity, cost-effective training and simulation software products and components for defence applications.
What We Offer
We offer a comprehensive, cutting-edge technology portfolio encompassing desktop training, simulation host, image generation, terrain editing and management, artificial intelligence and software development tools, all integrated to provide superior workflow. We help our customers to train various procedures and effectively communicate in a safe, controlled and repeatable environment, where administrators can easily (and in real time) adapt scenarios to any training needs. Our open and modular commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software products can be customized by users or enhanced by our large technical team who has broad and deep expertise in developing training and simulation software solutions for military and defence organisations worldwide.
Who We Serve
Globally, hundreds of thousands of military personnel are trained annually using VBS software products. All the way from infantry level soldiers, tank, helicopter and ship crews, UAV operators, special operations units, to high-level command and beyond. More than 60 NATO and NATO-friendly countries and over 300 integrators/prime contractors use VBS technology.
Why does all of this matter?
We believe in saving lives through simulation. We provide a more accessible training solution. Virtual training is not a replacement for real-world training, but it simply allows our customers to train more, and anywhere in the world where a computer is available. Our customers are better prepared for situations that cannot be easily rehearsed outside of a virtual environment.
As a BISim team member, you will get to work on exciting projects and will be given an oppotunity to learn, grow and show your creativity. You also get a chance to work with diverse, international teams that provides global exposure.
Embark on a career jouney with us and enjoy the climb! Check out our Careers section to learn more and apply!

BISim products

Virtual Battlespace

Comprehensive virtual training environment for tactical training, experimentation, and mission rehearsal for land, sea, and air.


3D whole-earth image generator designed to support the full spectrum of land, sea, air, and space use cases for collective and individual training.


Breakthrough AI Behaviors at your command.


The industry-leading terrain generation software from TerraSim (a BISim subsidiary company), used to rapidly develop high-fidelity, geospecific environments for defence simulation, training, and experimentation.

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